Are you looking for an academic transcript? Is the application process for an academic transcript tedious? This well-researched educational blog will guide you in ordering a university transcript. Also, you can learn about the importance of academic transcripts. Finally, some frequently asked questions will help you get a complete answer. 

What Is an Academic Transcript?

An academic transcript, a valid proof of your education, is a collection of documents that includes all information about your education accumulated throughout your academic career.

An academic transcript includes details about your identity, the names of your institution of study, your courses, and your grades. Depending on how you wish to get your records, you must pick up your transcript in person or online when your school or university releases it.

If you are a foreigner and seek higher education in the UK, translating your academic transcripts into English will be necessary. Our certified translation services UK can help you.

What Does an Academic Transcript Contain?

What Does an Academic Transcript Contain?

Your present or prior academic institution may offer academic transcripts to confirm and recognise the courses you took and your earned grades. The transcript generally has the following information:

  • Name of the issuing authority/institution
  • Proof of accreditation and authenticity of an academic institution
  • Student’s name
  • Student’s roll number
  • Identity of the student
  • Name of the degree(s) a student has received
  • Marks obtained or grades received 

The issuing authority must duly sign the academic transcripts. 

Students may need to submit a formal request for their university transcript to their college administration, depending on the underlying institution/university process.

Why Do You Need an Academic Transcript?

Higher education schools review your academic transcripts before allowing you to enrol. Although it is a simple document, it is an essential item for employers/institutions in higher education to have access to. For pursuing higher education, these transcripts are a must. Schools issue academic transcripts too.

Some people must know the distinction between higher education and continuing education. Alternatively, they must know the purposes for which transcripts are a must. If this describes you, this article may help you comprehend the situations in which transcripts are used.

It’s crucial to remember that you must upload the required paperwork with your application for higher education. Else, no higher education institutions will accept a student to enrol for higher education therein.

For example, students migrating to Scandinavian countries must translate their academic transcripts or other documents into Scandinavian Languages. You can get expert help from us. 

Formatting of the Academic Transcript

Formatting of the Academic Transcript

A student must check whether the academic documents/transcripts are in proper format before uploading their certified academic transcript online. Here are some of the vital guidelines that you must follow:

  • The document must have an image resolution of 200 dpi.
  • Each document should be less than 10 MB.
  • Most institutions prefer the PDF format.
  • See whether numeric marks or grades in your mark sheets are easily visible.
  • You will always get a better result if the scanning is done in grayscale or black.

Students passed out from Strathclyde look for Strathclyde’s academic transcript. Likewise, students from Oxford who study in the University of Manchester need academic transcripts of the University of Manchester. Similarly, Oxford academic transcripts pertain to the University of Oxford.

How Do I Get My Degree Transcripts?

How Do I Get My Degree Transcripts?

Usually, the educational board, university or college generates the students’ academic transcripts. For example, if you want a graduate degree transcript, you must contact the university where you received the degree. 

You can personally visit the university or college and apply for the transcript. You will get it within 710 working days. Also, most educational institutions accept applications for academic transcripts online. They will send your official transcript by post to your address in exchange for a certain fee. 

Some students seek Dual Citizenship UK. In such a situation, you must present your academic transcript(s) to the respective governments and immigration authorities. 

What Will My On-Course Transcript Show? 

Your current grades, as they appear on your Student Self-Service account, will be reflected in your on-course academic transcript. It will be available through the eDocuments service when you request it. Unconfirmed courses will only appear once the exam admission window closes and you’ve gotten the go-ahead.

Additionally, an on-course transcript details your course and identifies individual student data.

When Do You Receive Your Academic Transcripts?

Your transcripts and other certificates will be conferred upon graduation . You can have these posted later, though, if you cannot attend.

Some degrees don’t require graduation and thus don’t even require a formal ceremony. Your certificates and transcripts will therefore be delivered to you at a different time and in a different manner. If you have finished a non-graduate programme, your record will be updated, and your student portal will allow you to access your results. The administration will then make arrangements to send your documents to you. If you are from Oxford university, your Oxford academic transcript will reach your home address within the stipulated time. It can take six to eight weeks. For example, if you choose a transcription course in Nordic Language, your certificate will reach your address once you clear the evaluations.

What Can You Do If You Misplace or Damage Your Academic Transcripts?

Despite your best attempts to safeguard your academic transcripts, mishaps can still happen and cause loss or harm to records. Although you could initially feel panicked, it’s best to maintain your composure because there is a reasonably simple remedy, and the transcripts can be replaced.

Your academic transcripts are the most simple documents to replace. Contact your educational institution, explain the circumstance and they should be able to give you the relevant file. Download it and save it safely to avoid further loss.

Some Examples of Academic Transcripts 

Here are some sample academic transcript examples:

Some Examples of Academic Transcripts
Some Examples of Academic Transcripts

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Degree Transcripts?

Usually, the educational board, university or college generates students’ academic transcripts. For example, if you want a graduate degree transcript, you must contact the university from where you received the degree.

How do you Submit a Digital Copy of an Academic Transcript?

Your school or institution must receive a properly formatted PDF file of your academic transcripts once you upload them.

Depending on where you’re applying, there may be several upload locations; nevertheless, you should receive information in advance on where to post the upload. 

A good place to start is the institution’s website; a document management system will be devoted solely to application submission and uploading of documents such as academic transcripts. If there isn’t a clear place to submit/upload your academic transcript, you can directly email application managers or post it.

How do you keep your Academic Transcripts safe?

You must remember that the academic transcripts in the UK are the original documents pertaining to your degree course(s), which your institutes of learning can provide as hard copies. Thus, the best way will be to ask the university to send you a digital copy. It will keep the transcript of degree safe even if you lose the hard copy. But once it is lost, you must reapply with lengthy formalities and a fee.

What is the Difference Between a Transcript And Marksheet?

A mark sheet is an official document to prove that a student took an exam and received a grade. Transcripts are vital certified records of all tests/courses included in a single recorded document maintained by the educational institution and given to you on request. 

Can I Submit a Marksheet Instead of a Transcript?

No, the mark sheet and the transcript of records are different. Mark sheet is the term more frequently used.

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