Expanding Business Reach in the UK with Professional Website Translation Services: A Case Study of Gibson LLC


Gibson LLC

Gibson LLC is a well-established software development company based in the United States, providing a wide range of digital solutions to its clients globally. The company’s primary goal is to expand its business reach and win new audiences in the United Kingdom. To accomplish this goal, Gibson LLC plans to translate its website into UK English. In this case study, we will explore the translation services used by Gibson LLC to translate its website and the outcome of the project.

Gibson Website
William C. Hogan

William C. Hogan, CEO, Gibson LLC

The customer support at was also very responsive and helpful. They were able to address my concerns and questions in a timely manner, which made the entire process stress-free. The staff was professional and knowledgeable, providing me with additional resources and guidance to help me with my translation needs.


Gibson LLC had several challenges to overcome during its website translation process. First, the company needed to ensure that the translated website accurately showcased its brand image and the ever-evolving quality of its many services. Second, the translated content had to be nuanced to be culturally appropriate for its target audiences in the United Kingdom. Finally, the translations had to be completed within their given timeline and budget.

Translation Service Provider

Gibson LLC opted to use a professional Website translation services agency to translate its website into UK English. After extensive research and evaluation of various translation agencies, Gibson LLC selected a well-reputed, experienced translation agency with a strong reputation of delivering high-quality translations on time. The translation agency provided a dedicated team of certified professional translators who were native speakers of UK English and had experience in website translation. This team included a project manager, translator, editor and proofreader, ensuring the accuracy and quality of the translation.

Translation Process

The translation process consisted of several steps, including:

Initial Evaluation: The selected translation agency evaluated Gibson LLC’s website to determine the scope of the translation and the required resources.

Glossary Creation: The translation agency created a glossary of key terms used on Gibson LLC’s website to ensure consistency throughout the translation process.

Editing: The translation agency’s editors reviewed the translated content to ensure accuracy, consistency and cultural appropriateness.

Proofreading: The translated content was proofread to eliminate any errors and ensure the quality of the final product.

Final Review: The translation agency conducted a final review of the website to ensure that all content was translated and formatted correctly.



The translation process was completed successfully within the given timeline and budget. The translated website accurately reflected Gibson LLC’s brand image and quality of services while also being culturally appropriate for the target audiences in the United Kingdom. The translations, well received by the target audiences,  resulted in increased traffic and better stakeholder engagement. Gibson LLC thus achieved its goal of expanding its business reach by targeting new audiences in the United Kingdom, thanks to the high-quality translation services provided by the professional translation agency.


The successful translation of Gibson LLC’s website into UK English was a significant milestone in its business expansion efforts. By using professional translation services, Gibson LLC overcame the challenges of implementing a nuanced, accurate translation of its website. The translation agency’s dedicated team of native UK-English translators, coupled with their rigorous translation process, ensured that the final product met Gibson LLC’s requirements and exceeded the target audience’s expectations.