We provide high-quality, accurate, and time-bound medical translation services across the industry with the shortest turnaround time.

Medical Translation

Certified Medical Translation Services

Medical translation and interpretation services are the need of the hour for healthcare facilities worldwide. Foreign patients expect treatment from physicians who speak their language. It helps the health and medical facilities to deliver care on time.

By partnering with us, get the most comprehensive and specialized online medical translations and interpretation services. We have provided certified medical translations to global clients for over a decade. Our expert team of over 1200 linguists supports medical document translations in over 100+ languages.

Our certified and native medical translators have specialization in the specific medical field. They are qualified to handle such complex medical terms translations with total transparency and accuracy.

Certified Medical Translation Services
Why Are Selecting The Right Medical Translators Important?

Why Are Selecting The Right Medical Translators Important?

A minor error in a medical translation can risk and cost a patient’s life. The professional medical translator ensures accurate translation of patients’ medical records, pharmaceutical labels, and clinical practices. Our medical translating company UK understands the importance of your medical translation and takes utmost care to deliver high-quality, error-free, flawless medical translation.

Our goal is to remove the inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the languages and arrive at 100% accuracy. It further helps physicians provide patients with the required medication and healthcare. We work only with qualified and certified translators who have proven expertise and relevant medical translation experience.

We assure to deliver your translation order within the agreed timeframes and ensure maximum data security. Get the best medical translations from Spanish to English now.

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Best Choice In The Medical Translation Field

Our linguists are experts in handling complex and large medical documents. Thousands of happy and satisfied repeat clients vouch for our services. 

Why Do We Feature In The Top Medical Translation Services In London?

  •  The quality of medical translation needs no rework
  • Best in the world turnaround time of translation medicine projects
  • Guaranteed 100% confidentiality and care for your sensitive information
  • Experienced translators working with global clients
  • Value for money projects deliverables

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Feature In The Top Medical Translation Services In London

    How Long Do Medical Translations Take?

    We ensure a seamless medical translation process, so no delivery delay of projects. The time needed for the delivery depends on the language, complexity, size of the document, and the time of the day. However, for urgent translations of medical documents, our express delivery can do the job in a couple of hours.

    If not urgent, we provide standard delivery. We offer a price concession based on your requirements and level of urgency.

    Medical Translations For Every Field and Specialized Disciplines

    Medical Translations For Every Field and Specialized Disciplines

    We provide medical translations for technical instructions, pharmaceutical labels, and patient diagnoses with the highest accuracy. We ensure that the translated work exactly matches the source content. That is possible with our highly experienced translators with proven expertise in translating tens of thousands of documents.

    We make it mandatory that every linguistic expert is updated with the recent trends and relevant regulations. Our innovative use of AI methods helps human translators understand medical terms in your document. In addition, we also make sure that your important documents such as a certified bank statement pass the authentic translation process. 

    We are one of those few agencies in the world that possess Quadruple ISO Certification. The performance and quality of our translation methods, post-editing AI translations, quality management, and information security are audited regularly. Make the perfect combination of artificial and human intelligence translation work for you to get the best delivery your project deserves. 

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    Why Do You Choose Medical Translation Services From Us?

    Our commitment to the healthcare and medicine industry is unprecedented and has been the cornerstone of customer satisfaction for over a decade. When you work with Translations.Co.UK, you know you are working with the translation industry leader. Our dedicated linguistic expert team of industry leaders will handle your project with the utmost commitment and care. 

    However, there are plenty of other reasons.

    Precise Translations

    Our medical translators, with their medical expertise and experience, have repeatedly proved themselves as the best team in medical translation services. The combination of humans and AI helps you get precise medication translations.

    On-time Delivery – Never Missed The Deadline

    We respect the time of our clients and ours. Hence, all tasks are delivered according to the arranged date and time. We can expedite an urgent delivery. Select the express delivery mode. 

    Comprehensive Language Support

    We offer medical translations in over 100 languages. Our professional translators are experts drawn from diverse medical fields and languages to provide a full-spectrum medical translation. You can check for the best rates now. 

    Officially Recognized & Certified Translations

    The UK authorities, including Home Office and General Medical Council, accept our translated work. Our certified project managers can work on your multiple projects.

    Trusted Linguistics

    We are the trusted linguistic partner of many reputable businesses around the world. Our entire focus is to deliver top-quality translations at affordable rates. We fully comply with the applicable regulatory norms of the land. 

    24×7 Support

    We boast of having one of the friendliest customer support. Our support desk works 24 hours -seven days a week, to ensure someone promptly takes care of your queries. Call us for the best deals now.

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    Order In a Few Simple Steps

    Follow a few simple steps to place the order with us:

    Step 1: Mention your medical translation requirements via phone or email, or fill out the form on our platform with all the details.

    Step 2: Get the best translation quotes and make the payment. We will assign the most suitable project manager to handle your task.

    Step 3: The completed translated work will be delivered to your registered email address and hard copies via standard/express delivery.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is medical translation hard?

    Translation in any industry can be challenging. However, medical and healthcare are comparatively the most demanding type of translation. When people’s lives and health are involved, stakes are much higher than in other fields.

    What does a medical translation do?

    Medical translation is the process that involves translating medical documents like – training materials, medical information, procedures, medicine sheets, medical devices, clinical and medical records, etc.