Certified Bank Statement Translation

Certified Bank Statement Translation involves accurately translating financial information from one language to another, with certification by a professional translator

Certified Bank Statement Translation

Certified Bank Statement Translation Officially Approves All Financial Transactions in the Relevant Account

A bank statement is among the most important financial documents summarising the inflow and outflow of cash in any individual or business account. 

Globalisation has made traders and big corporates adopt a worldwide presence through the World Wide Web; even students migrate to  foreign countries. But language can be a barrier. It is where our certified expert translators play a vital role. 

For example, if you are willing to migrate to the UK but your official documents are in your native language, there will be an issue in the immigration process. The bank statement is one such document that you will require translated while moving to the UK. 

For academic, business, or legal purposes, we offer bank statement translation for clients in the United Kingdom.

Certified Bank Statement Translation Officially Approves All Financial Transactions in the Relevant Account

We Offer Certified Bank Statement Translations

We Offer Certified Bank Statement Translations

Translation of bank statements can take time and effort. Our experts offer bank statement translation services with no errors. We provide a standard translation service that our clients need for academic, professional, and legal use. We include a duly endorsed cover letter with the translated document to prove its accuracy.

We also provide a notarised translation service with the official seal of a solicitor or a notary. A lawyer will sign the certified bank statement.

Our specialist professional translators have the experience of creating, for example, a ‘Barclays certified bank statement‘. With their several years of expertise, our translators have developed extensive knowledge of translating various financial and banking documents. Our forte is accuracy.Getting Medical Translation is challenging as the medical terms need to be more general. But our experts can help you here.

Why Do You Need a Bank Statement Translation in the UK?

In the UK, you will need a bank statement translation for the following: 

  1. Immigration to the UK when you are applying for a visa
  2. Applying for a mortgage loan
  3. Buying a property in the UK
  4. For academics

Easy 3 Steps to Order Bank Statement Translations

You can now get your bank statement translation in three simple steps. Our experts give you your document diligently translated. Do follow the steps mentioned below:

Scan your bank statement or take a picture

Step 1

Scan your bank statement or take a picture.

Scan your bank statement or take a picture

Step 2

 Send your scanned bank statement to us using our contact form or email.

Accept our quote and get your translated bank statement

Step 3

Accept our quote and get your translated bank statement.

Expert Translation Services UK translators can help you with translated financial documents. A bank statement translation is one.

Certified Bank Statement Translation in All Major Languages

In the UK, we are one of the several authentic translation companies offering flawless certified bank statement translation in several major languages, say Dutch, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German, etc. You can also get a translation of various financial documents, such as payslips, cash deposits, certificate of deposits, purchase orders, tax returns, mortgages, etc., in 40+ languages.

Certified Bank Statement Translation in All Major Languages

    Types Of Bank Statement Translation 

    There are several types of bank statement translations. The following provides some ideas. 

    1. Official Certified Bank Statement Translation

    We provide bank statement translations for several institutions. It includes the following:

    • UK Home Office
    • UK government bodies
    • UK-based academic institutions
    • UK banks
    • HM Passport Office
    1.     Notarised Bank Statement Translation

    Some clients request documents containing notarised bank information. You can reach us for such bank statement translations, as the solicitors notarise our activities.

    1.       Embassy-certified Bank Statement Translation

    We provide embassy-certified bank statement translations to our clients. These translations will be valid at several embassies. If you are seeking embassy-approved translation services, you can contact us.

    Our Certified Bank Statement Samples

    Our Certified Bank Statement Samples

    We offer our financial document translations to a diverse clientele: For diverse needs.

    Translation of Mortgage Application

    When you apply for a mortgage in any of the banks in the UK, you will require a certified bank statement translation service. Our experts can, for example, offer the necessary translated documents for individuals and families staying in the UK and wishing to own a house therein.

    Bank Statement Approved by Solicitors

    Some clients require their bank statement translation to be accepted in legal sectors. Such translations include affidavits approved by solicitors. You can get your bank statement translation duly signed and stamped by our solicitors.

    Notarised Translation

    If you are looking for a notarised translation service, is one of the best places. We provide flawless translations of your required document signed by the notary public. A notarised translation allows you to use it across diverse sectors.

    Which Bank Documents can be Translated?

    There are multiple financial documents that our experts translate regularly. We translate  the following:

    • Audit reports
    • Financial analyses
    • Compliance reports
    • Annual financial reports
    • Quarterly financial reports
    • Balance sheets
    • Income statements
    • Essays related to other financial products

    Accurately translating documents like bank statements and other financial documents may be hard. But our experts are well versed in financial terminology. We also cover bank statement translation in various languages, as mentioned earlier. We assure all our clients of a consistent quality of service. 

    We also offer quality Welsh translation services.

    Why Use Our Certified Bank Statement Translation Services

    The process of translating financial documents is crucial. If you try to translate such documents by yourself, it will often have an error. Only expert translators have industry experience and knowledge of financial terminology. You can reach our experts year-round for certified bank statement translation.

    Experts with profound knowledge of translating financial documents must have the following attributes:

    • Detail-oriented
    • Meticulous
    • Professional
    • Trustworthy

    Our certified translators have deep knowledge of banking and finance. They also translate documents related to a targeted country’s accounting and taxation rules.  

    You can easily get your Driving Licence Translation and translation of all your financial and tax documents from us. We are specialists. 

    Core Reasons to Use Our Translation Service 

    1. Our experts can translate bank statements and various financial documents into all major languages.
    2. We deliver within the time you ask.
    3. All our translated bank statements and financial documents are accepted by UK authorities/ government bodies. 
    4. You will get a free online quote in a few minutes after reaching us.
    5. Our prices are ever-competitive.
    6. All our bank statements are certified by solicitors.
    7. When needed, you will get a notarised translation of your bank statement from us.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is the Cost of Translating Bank Statements in the UK?

    The price of a bank statement translation may vary based on several factors. However, most translation companies offer it between £35.00 to £50.00. But our price is quite competitive. Call us today to get a free quote.

    How Do Universities Certify Bank Statements?

    A student applying for admission to a UK university must submit a bank statement and relevant educational and financial documents. Most universities in the UK ask for signatures and an official seal from the respective bank managers. Universities certify such documents eventually.

    Who can certify bank statements in the UK?

    Most UK residents or those willing to migrate may need to learn about those individuals  authorised to certify official documents like bank statements. Following are those who have the power to approve your financial documents:

    • Commissioner for oath
    • Notary public
    • Chartered accountant
    • A doctor
    • Member of parliament
    • Consulate

    What Is a Certified Bank Statement?

    A bank statement includes all the till-date transaction history of a bank account. It shows the inflow and outflow of the funds along with expenses. Individuals and families willing to migrate to the UK for education or business or visit the UK for a holiday need a bank statement certified by the Government of the United Kingdom. For example, a certified translation bank statement is mandatory for students who want to study in the UK. 

    Can a Bank Statement Be Translated?

    Yes, it is possible to translate a bank statement. But knowing the correct terms related to financial documents is essential. Hiring expert translators with such knowledge can help translate a bank statement.

    Which Documents Need to Be Translated for a Visa?

    The immigration process requires a variety of documents. While applying for a visa to visit the UK, the specific document will depend on the type of visa you need. However, some public records in a local language that need translation are the following:

    • Passport
    • Educational certificates
    • Bank statement
    • Employment letter
    • Birth certificate
    • Marriage certificate
    • Police clearance certificate

    How Do You Attest a Bank Statement?

    Attestation means getting a bank statement certified or approved by an authorised person. Usually, an individual holding a high position in education, commerce, politics, art, etc., can attest to the bank statement. 

    Also, a governing body can authenticate the bank statement, stating that it is genuine and has been issued by a bank. However, the underlying process can be different based on the country and the requirement. You must have a certified true copy bank statement for any immigration process.