Helping an Industrial Equipment Manufacturer Expand into the UK Market with Accurate Translations



Hammes Group, one of our premium clients, deals with quality industrial equipment manufacturing processes. Currently, they are focussing on expanding their business in the UK market. They need certified and accurate translation service providers who can translate their two types of documents:

  • Marketing materials
  • Technical documents

They need the translation, so they don’t face any barriers while communicating with the UK-based audience/ customers.

Jonathan Brown

Jonathan Brown, General Manager, Hammes Group.

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Challenges They Face

The challenges were not few with the ‘Hammes group’ as they started to translate their documents for the UK market. The issues that they faced were:

  • They were not sure whether the translations were correct 
  • The challenges remained regarding localization
  • Diverse culture, industry and language is again a problem
  • Fast turnaround time is again a significant issue


We have a team of expert translators with deep technical terms and language knowledge. Our team of expert translators offers accuracy concerning technical specifications in the local UK market. Also, we provided such quality translation services to Hammes Group

Another feature of our translation service is the seamless process of translation. Our advanced translation software made it possible. We also have a project manager dedicated to supervising the entire project without any flaws. Also, the project manager constantly communicates with the team and the client so that they can offer the task exactly with the satisfaction level.Someone looking for Industrial translations Services can approach us today. Our experts can help you with translation services in specific industries.


Today, our client Hammes group was successful with regards to launching their product in the UK market. We are happy to have a team of accurate and flawless translators. Also, the client phrases us for the quality translation service. The positive impact has made the client continue using our translation service.


One could determine the impact of localized and accurate translation services in this case study. With the help of our quick turnaround time, a streamlined translation process is developed. Finally, our client is happy as they can expand in the UK market.