Boosting Sales in the UK Market: Translation Services for an Ecommerce Company Watsica Inc


Watsica Inc

Watsica Inc”, an e-commerce company, was established in 2015 to sell home appliances and electronics. It is a USA-based company, and now it has high demand in the UK market. But the website wasn’t optimised for the UK. Thus they couldn’t increase traffic, sales and revenue. So, Watsica Inc hired a dedicated translation service to translate their website content into British English.

Danielle Shepherd

Danielle Shepherd. General Manager, Watsica Inc.

One of the things I appreciated about was the quality of their translations. They provided accurate and fluent translations that captured the nuances and context of the source text. The translations were also delivered on time, which was important for my project’s success.


As an e-commerce website, Watsica Inc has a large amount of content. Finding professional ecommerce translation services for accurate conversion from American to British English is a hectic and cost-effective job. But, without British English, the website won’t ever optimise in the UK market and get the desired revenue.


Watsica Inc hired an expert translation service provider after extensive market research and performance analysis. The translator agency dedicated an experienced team of native English speakers, who understands the products and target audience to translate the e-commerce website.

They also employed translation memory technology to ensure accuracy. It enables reusing previously translated content, which makes the service fast and cost-effective. Also, translators proofread the contents for quality assurance and localization features.


When the translated texts were uploaded to the website, Watsica Inc observed an immediate hike in traffic, sales and revenue. Native buyers find the website very accessible, so they spontaneously make purchases.


By fast and accurate translation Watsica Inc succeed to improve traffic and sales in the UK. Collaboration with professional translators helped them influence local buyers and build a strong brand reputation in a foreign market. It’s like a win-win situation for Watsica Inc and the translation service provider.