A Case Study of Langosh Group: Bridging the Language Gap for IT Translation Services in the UK



The Langosh Group, a leading professional translation and localisation services provider and an IT translation company, offers various translation services to businesses worldwide. Their IT translation services in the UK have been instrumental in bridging the language gap for IT businesses keen to expand in the UK market.

Jay Finch

Jay Finch, General Manager, Langosh Group.

I was very impressed with the level of expertise and attention to detail that Professional IT Translation Service provided. Their translators were able to accurately translate technical documents in a timely manner, which was crucial for my business needs. I appreciated their professionalism and will definitely use their services again.


The UK market is highly competitive, and many businesses want to expand their operations in this pro-business region. However, language often significantly hinders business growth prospects. Language barriers can prevent companies from effectively communicating with their target audiences, resulting in lost opportunities and revenue.

Langosh Group recognised this challenge and decided to provide an online translation service for IT businesses and IT translation companies keen to overcome language barriers in the UK market. This initiative aimed to provide high-quality IT translation services to help businesses communicate effectively and seamlessly with their target audiences.


To overcome the language barrier challenge, the Langosh Group, with us as its partner, developed a comprehensive online IT translation service to cater to IT firms’ unique, time-bound needs. They deployed a team of expert translators fluent in English and the target language(s), ensuring that translations were accurate, clear, precise, nuanced and effective.

The Langosh Group utilised cutting-edge technology and software to ensure their clients’ IT translations were consistent and high quality. They also developed a rigorous quality control process with our assistance to ensure that all translations met extant UK standards.


The Langosh Group’s revamped IT translation services were instrumental in helping IT businesses overcome language barriers in the UK market. Our insights and expertise satisfied them. By providing accurate, precise and effective translations, the Langosh Group enabled IT businesses and IT translation companies to communicate effectively with their target audiences and expand in the UK.

Many businesses have praised Langosh Group’s translation services for their speed, accuracy and affordability. Their IT translation services have helped companies save time and money while effectively communicating with their target audiences in the UK.


The Langosh Group has successfully addressed the language barrier challenge in the UK market by providing high-quality IT translation services to IT businesses and IT translation companies keen to expand in the region. By employing expert translators, cutting-edge technology and a rigorous quality control process, the Langosh Group has helped companies effectively communicate with their target audiences, increasing revenue and growth.