A Case Study of Hackett Ltd: Bridging the Language Barrier in Medical Translation to Enter the UK Market


Hackett Ltd

Hackett Ltd. is a firm that provides various translation services legal, financial, technical and medical, to name a few – to its clients globally. Medical translations, one of its focus areas, need accurate, timely translations crucial to ensuring patient safety and compliance with regulatory requirements. This case study explores how Hackett Ltd.’s medical translation services helped a UK-based medical company overcome language barriers in its clinical trials.

Medical Translation
Mrs. Dorothy Gardner

Mrs. Dorothy Gardner, Senior Project Manager, Hackett Ltd.

While conducting clinical trials for this new drug, their trustworthy, competent team members quickly adjusted to our work culture and met the UK’s regulatory standards and deadlines while translating all the relevant materials written in different languages into English and vice versa; their commitment shows easily. Kudos to team Hackett Ltd. They are helping us in our other translation projects now.


Our client was a UK-based medical company conducting clinical trials for a new drug. These trials involved participants across diverse linguistic backgrounds; all the study materials had to be translated accurately and quickly to ensure an efficient, ethical clinical trial. The client had already engaged a local translation agency, but the latter faced difficulties in meeting the strict timelines and quality standards required for medical translations in the UK.


The client faced several challenges in their medical translation project of conducting clinical trials for a new drug, including the following:

Strict timelines: Failing to meet strict deadlines when generating the translations could result in the clinical trial being postponed or cancelled.

Language complexity: Uniformly translating complex medical terminology and concepts required accurate translation to ensure participants’ safety and regulatory compliance.

Regulatory compliance: The translated study materials needed to comply with UK regulatory standards, with any errors in translation having severe legal and ethical implications.


To overcome these challenges, the client turned to Hackett Ltd. for their proven medical translation services. Hackett Ltd. assigned a team of experienced, IoLET-certified medical translators trained in various medical specialties that deeply understood the rigorous regulatory requirements for clinical trials. This team used industry-benchmarked advanced translation technology to deliver high-quality translations efficiently and timely.

Hackett Ltd., since the trial’s inception, also assigned a dedicated project manager to oversee the project and ensure completion of all translations within the agreed-upon timelines while maintaining extant quality standards. The project manager worked closely with the client to understand their requirements thoroughly and gave regular, timely project updates on the progress of the project.


Thanks to Hackett Ltd.’s professional medical translation service, the client conducted clinical trials for the new drug efficiently and ethically, without language barriers. The translations, accurate, timely and compliant with UK regulatory standards, ensured participants’ safety while being successful.

The client, impressed with Hackett Ltd.’s professionalism, expertise and consistent customer service, has engaged them for its other translation projects. Hackett Ltd.’s medical translation services are helping the client expand their reach and provide industry-benchmarked medical services to a broader audience, regardless of an audience’s linguistic background.


Though not solely a medical translation company, Hackett Ltd.’s medical translation services have proved priceless for the UK medical industry, helping companies overcome language barriers while complying with regulatory requirements in their varied clinical trials. Their expertise, technology know-how and consistent customer service have set them apart from other translation agencies and have made them the go-to choice for medical translations in the UK and beyond.