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Although its territory is small, Denmark is a nation with a wealth of international business connections and a strong cultural history. The country has one of the world’s most advanced education systems, meaning that it’s a legal and research powerhouse as well, with innovations like Skype and the computer language C++ coming from Denmark.

Denmark is also a good place to do business. The economy is efficient and well regulated, with open market policies to encourage flexibility and competitiveness. Major international companies like the shipping titans of the Maersk group, the renewable energy company Vestas and of course the globally acclaimed children’s toy company LEGO are all Danish. As an international trading language it’s more important than people realise.

Although small, Denmark has a long and rich cultural history. Hans Christen Anderson, Søren Kierkegaard and Carl Nielsen are all outstanding contributors to their field. Through big names like Tycho Brahe, Neils Bohr, Lene Vestergaard Hau the Danes have made huge contributions to astronomy, physics, nanotechnology, and quantum physics.

Danish is also a good language to learn if you work with or like to drink beers and spirits. Danes are proud of their world-class brewing, with the internationally recognised Carslberg and Tuborg brands as well as hundreds of smaller breweries. As a member of the European Union, Denmark can be a valuable gateway into the single market for international exporters.

danish translation language
danish translation

The Danish language

Danish is one of the north Germanic languages, one of the oldest in European history, and is spoken across Denmark, northern areas of Germany (Southern Schleswig in particular), Iceland and Greenland, with immigrant populations in Norway, Sweden, Spain, the US, Canada, Brazil and Argentina.

In total it’s spoken by around 5.5 million people, but these people make up a large and relatively wealthy market. As Denmark does a lot of business internationally, being able to effectively communicate with small and medium enterprises who don’t have an existing international connection will open up wide new markets for your business.

In addition, Danish is mutually intelligible with Norwegian and Swedish. Proficient speakers will be able to understand the others fairly well, although research has shown that Norwegian speakers generally understand Danes better than Swedish speakers.

Danish has 27 distinct vowels and is sometimes considered tricky to learn due to its soft consonants. The language has fairly simple grammar, however, meaning that once one has mastered the pronunciation it’s usually easy to learn.

Danish translation services

When translating from Danish to English, remember that written Danish can differ from spoken Danish, which still retains numerous dialects and changes. Because of this, spoken and written translations may vary. In addition, although the languages are similar, written Danish translations will not be sufficient for Norwegian and Swedish readers. The use of the High Copenhagen standard in official broadcasting has helped standardise spoken Danish.

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danish translation services