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With over 220 million French speakers worldwide, it’s no wonder that French translation services are in such high demand. As Africa develops and more French-speaking Africa nations become world leaders in various industries, connecting businesses around becomes more and more important. French-speaking scientists and journalists lead the way in many fields, and translation of their ideas is important for society as a whole. This is where the value of a French translation service lies – connecting people in a way that contributes to the greater good.

While French is one of the world’s most popular language, with an important place in world affairs, it is not the easiest of languages to learn and translate, even by other speakers of Romance languages. The importance of register in French and the differences between the written and spoken language create nuances and complexities of interpretation that require experienced translators to properly maintain. Notoriously difficult are French prepositions, that often seem to have their own impenetrable rules. Our translators relish these challenges and take pleasure from elegant transformations of one difficult language into another.

french translation services
french translation

French language

You will have heard it said that French is the ‘language of love’, conjuring images of dark eyed poets spouting erotic verse and the rakish elegance of Dior and Vogue. However, the real history behind the romantic nature of French is found in its evolution as a Romance Language. Specifically, when the Romans took over Gaul (now France), they began to mix the native language with their own Latin, which resulted in people who spoke Romanice, later shortened to Romance.

It was more than the marriage of these two cultures that made French evolve into the language of love, but rather the fact that Romanice was one of the languages which was also written, as most were only spoken. The Latin culture of epic stories of heroes rescuing damsels in distress was recorded in the Gaul history, but as the Roman culture evolved out in favour of the Gallic so too did the adventurous side of these stories – leaving just the romantique.

The French language, as well as being fascinating, facilitates some of the most important conversions happening in the world right now, which is why prides itself in providing a comprehensive French translation service.

French translation services

All of our French translators share a love for the language that shows through the care and precision with which they treat their translations. All experienced, professional, and with at least degree-level qualifications in the subject, you’ll find that a French translation with us is done with an appreciation for both the nuance of the language and the specific requirements of our clients.

We offer translations to and from French, working with any text asked of us, including official documents which requiring certified translations. To date we have worked with legal and financial documents, as well as scholarly, journalistic and technical articles. From web-pages to full literary texts, we will translate it into perfect French.

You can view the progress of your document via our online management system which offers real-time order tracking. We will work to your deadline, so you’ll be in control of exactly when your text will be ready. To make it even easier for you, we keep records of all our clients so if you ever work with us again we will already have records of all the keywords and stylistic notes we need to keep every piece consistent.


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