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Polish (Jezyk Polski) is an Indo-European Slavic language with 55 million native speakers, the second most widely-spoken after Russian (ahead of Ukrainian). It is spoken across Eastern Europe, from Warsaw and Krakow to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Belarus. Like the people who speak it, Polish is an extraordinarily resilient language, one which has survived the pressures of much larger and more influential languages from nations which have conquered and partitioned Poland.

Modern Polish is useful in a variety of fields both when translating for workers in the UK and abroad. While English is of course widely spoken across Poland as it is almost everywhere else, documents are another matter – many great works of Polish literature or important Polish technical documents remain untranslated. Poland is also a large and growing market, both for business and creative work. While similar to many other Slavic languages, Polish nonetheless has a unique and complex grammar system as well as a number of quirks and loanwords that make it a distinct entity. Despite centuries of occupation by surrounding powers, Polish remains distinct and has borrowed remarkably few loanwords from Russian, German and Hungarian. Whether you’re looking for industrial, commercial, legal or financial Polish translation, translations.co.uk has you covered.

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Polish Translation

translations.co.uk know that you’re looking for accurate, nuanced translations undertaken quickly and efficiently by experienced translators. We ensure that the translation process is both confidential and entirely transparent, ensuring that our clients feel comfortable entrusting their documents to us and in control of the process of translation. Our translator monitoring system provides you with regular updates on the status of your translation project, helping you stay on track from initial consultation all the way to the project’s conclusion.

We have carried out translation work in dozens of languages for all kinds of documents – Technical, literary, legal, scholarly, journalistic and financial. Our experienced and fluent translators work to ensure that the nuance and emotion behind a text is translated as accurately as the facts and statistics as part of our tailor-made translation services.

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Polish language

Emerging in the 10th Century as a distinct language, Polish became a lingua franca across Central and Eastern Europe in the days of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1500-1700). In 966, Poland adopted both Christianity an the Latin alphabet, which made written Polish the oldest non-ecclesiastical written Slavic language, used continuously in Poland and elsewhere from its inception up to the present day.

With the wide Polish diasporas that have crossed the world in the aftermath of Poland’s tumultuous history, Polish continues to be spoken as a first language by around 640,000 people in the US and 500,000 in the UK, with many more worldwide. While it still bears the scars of many past occupiers (in the older parts of Warsaw this is often literally the case – Nazi Germany razed the city and many others like it to the ground), modern Poland is an increasingly prosperous and vibrant country. Many great works of art and culture have been written in Polish: the poems of Adam Mickiewicz, Juliusz Słowacki and Zygmunt Krasiński, the music of Chopin and the astronomical achievements of Copernicus.

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As anyone who regularly does business internationally will know, bad translation can ruin the most promising projects. Make sure language barriers don’t get in the way of your business’ development internationally, and ensure that you’re prepared for the unique factors that influence Polish markets and institutions. translations.co.uk are dedicated to making sure your company or project benefits from the knowledge and creativity of the Polish-speaking world and vice versa. Polish is the language of a culture with a rich history of art and science, and translations.co.uk will ensure that you’re able to access its full potential.


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