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While the Czech Republic (Sometimes referred to as Czechia) is a small country, and its language is only spoken by around ten million people, it is a language rich with history, culture and philosophy. offer experienced, professional translators for translations from Czech to English and from English into Czech.

Developing in the silver-rich Bohemia region, the Slavic languages that would eventually become Czech (and its close cousin Slovakian) are part of the West Slavic family along with Polish. As it is the official language of the Czech Republic, the ability to reliably translate Czech opens up your business to one of Europe’s larger and faster-growing economies, as well as unlocking a wealth of art, philosophy and culture from the region’s rich history.

czech translation services
czech translation

Czech history and Slovakian

Czech has been extensively influenced by the Latin and German linguistic families, and remains highly mutually intelligible with Slovak as both languages developed during the High Medieval period. Czech’s principle dialect, Common Czech, is based on the Prague vernacular and is spoken throughout the Czech republic.

First recorded in short notes during the 12th and 13th centuries, Czech was one of the spoken languages of the kingdom of Bohemia, a silver-rich central European trading power that played a major part in the Thirty Years War. The Czechs lived side-by-side with the Slovaks, to the point where Czech and Slovakian are mutually intelligible despite the separation of the two countries after the Velvet Revolution in 1989.

Czech culture

Although the Czech Republic is a small country that’s seen a great deal of unrest and upheaval throughout its history, Czech scientists and scholars have produced many great innovations and inventions. Some contributions to science are household names: Sigmund Freud, Edmund Husserl, the father of phenomenology, Hans Kelsen the legal theorist, Max Wertheimer, one of the founders of gestalt philosophy and Ernest Gellner the theoretician of nationalism (all were born in what is now the Czech Republic). In the sciences, the geneticist Gregor Mendel, mathematician Kurt Godel (famous for his incomplete theorems), electroanalytical chemist Jaroslav Heyrovsky and the famous geologist Karl von Terzhagi all spoke Czech, as did countless others.


Czech translation services

Our Czech translators are all fluent and experienced professionals from a variety of fields, and they ensure their work is careful and as precise as possible. With at least a degree-level qualification in the subject, a translator can work with the nuances and specifics of the language in order to ensure clarity and understanding. offer translation for a variety of projects including web pages, legal articles, journalistic/literary texts, technical documents and official documents that require certified translations. Our translation process is tailored to your specific requirements, and you can track our progress at any time using our online management system and its real-time order tracking. Our translators work to your specified deadlines, and will keep records and notes (within the bounds of confidentiality) to ensure stylistic consistency between separate jobs.

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